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At FNA, we offer innovative self funded plan options that put the control of Employee Benefits back in the the hands of the employer.  We can show you if self-funding is right for your clients.  Clients pay only for what they use, they have full access to utiliztion reports and there is  no risk involved. 


Homestead health

Homestead Smart Health plans has created a game-changing health coverage solution for employers and employees alike, enabling quality care at the lowest possible cost. A partnership with Homestead eliminates the unnecessary and constant rising costs to your carrier and provider. 

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Sponsoring a health plan for your employees is important to the success of your business. It nurtures your company culture, attracts the highest level of talent, and reinforces loyalty from your best employees, and is likely one of the most expensive components of your entire operation. Your employees are an investment, and making and keeping them healthy is a smart way to manage that investment.

With a self-funded arrangement, employers reap the benefits of their investment through direct financial returns. A self-funded plan not only enjoys a higher level of data to illustrate its return on investment, it participates directly and immediately when plan results beat expectations.

Credible and affordable financial products such as medical stop-loss insurance for self-funded employer plans provide protection for the assets set aside for these investments and cap the risk to the plan.


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  2. Medova Parity Plus Benefit Program brochure
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  4. Sustain your Health, Wallet and Future! Healty Rewards
  5. Underwriting Guidelines V110118
  6. 2019 Employee Health Application V120618LHP
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Paradigm Health Plans offer businesses access to our national buying power. They have developed a true formula for health care cost control through the reduction of premiums, reduction in claims and the reduction of rate increases. A New Approach. A Better Solution:

  1. National Buying Power: Our ability to pass the savings on to our clients.
  2. Access: Participants have access to local, regional and national doctors and hospitals.
  3. Integrated Wellness Programs: Keep your employees and your bottom line healthy.
  4. Commitment to Savings: You keep the money you save.

Paradigm Quoting Checklists

  1. Paradigm Employer Enrollment
  2. Paradigm Employer Self Funding Certification
  3. Paradigm Health Plans Census Template (Click here to request this form)
  4. Paradigm Employee Enrollment Form
  5. Paradigm Employee Waiver
  6. NYHCRA Documents (Click here to request these forms)
  1. Paradigm Employer Enrollment
  2. Paradigm Employer Self Funding Certification
  3. Paradigm Employee Waiver
  4. NYHCRA Documents (Click here to request these forms)