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Oscar is ringing in 2015 with new goals, an expansion into New Jersey and a phenomenal NEW collection of products. Plus, great programs and incentives to help you soar!

Open Enrollment 2015 is upon all of us.  We continue to look for ways to reward our producers for bringing Oscar lives. There was a bonus program in the 4th quarter and enhanced compensation plans in NY and NJ.  

We have now developed a producer Rewards Program.  The rewards program will have 5 levels of rewards.  Producers will earn each level as they accumulate points (subject to limits).  The program is for open enrollment and lives sold with a 1/1/2015 - 3/1/2015 effective date.  We will also have trainings, etc., where producers can add additional points.  For example if a producer came to the Oscar 2015 product training they would get 10 points.  1 sale attached to this training gets the broker an Oscar "Producer in a Box".

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