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For UnitedHealthcare NY Large Group (51+)

UnitedHealthcare New York Uniform Modifications for 2015

Important: Legal Notice Regarding Changes to UnitedHealthcare  New York Group Health Coverage to Take Effect Upon Renewal in 2015

There are a number of plan changes considered “uniform modifications” (UM) that will be implemented with UnitedHealthcare New York groups upon their 2015 renewals, beginning with January 2015 renewals. See attachment for the list of modifications that will impact your NY plan.
PLEASE NOTE: Nonparticipating Urgent Care Centers: Services will be considered out-of-network. For plans with no out-of-network benefits, these services will not be covered. Employees and covered dependents should make sure to confirm participation status before receiving services. Today, your Certificate of Coverage explains the benefit this way, but generally these claims are paid in network.  Upon renewal, these claims will follow your Certificate of Coverage.
If you have a New Jersey or Connecticut sitused group, we will send the Uniform Modification Notice when it becomes available.

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