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Deadlines Set for 2-100 November Effective New Business

Your partnership is greatly appreciated as we continue 2014 on a strong foot.  We are experiencing a high volume of quote activity in New York 2-100, and we are working diligently to ensure that all plans are set up by their effective dates.  

In order to successfully do so, we have established the following deadlines for November New York 2-100 new business submissions: 

•November 1 Effective Date Deadline for Submissions: Wednesday, October 22
•November 15 Effective Date Deadline for Submissions: Thursday, November 6

In addition to meeting these submission deadlines, the following must be submitted in order for effective dates to be held:

•Master Application
•Check copy or ACH Form
•Enrollment & Waivers

We will not accept submissions that do not meet the above criteria.

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