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Two Issues Affect 2014 QRS Proposals after Redesign

In August, we enhanced Aetna's Small Group Quoting & Rating System (QRS) and created proposals with new formats for new and existing customers. Unfortunately, there are two issues with the newly formatted 2014 proposals. We are working to fix them. We regret any inconvenience this might cause you and your customers.

Please note: These issues do NOT affect 2015 proposals.

Below are details about the two issues:

1. The “Medical Benefits” page currently lists “N/A” in the column for “Hosp Copay/Ded.” Instead, this column should show the actual hospital copay and deductible amounts:

•“N/A” does NOT mean a lack of hospital benefits. Your customers’ members DO have hospital benefits.
•“N/A” does NOT mean there is no copay and deductible.
•This affects 2014 new business quotes generated after August 22, 2014, some November 2014 renewals and all December 2014 renewals.
•This affects all states where QRS is available.

2. The “Medical Benefits” page of December 2014 renewals currently lists the copay for primary care physicians in the column “PCP/SPC” but NOT the copay for specialists:

•This affects 2 – 50 groups.
•This affects December 2014 renewals only.
•This issue is occurring in these states: Alaska, California, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey and New York.

To find hospital deductible/copay, specialist copay

If either of these issues is affecting your customers, please refer to either the plan's Summary of Benefits and Coverage or the Aetna Plan Guide to find out the hospital copay/deductible and the specialist copay.

We apologize for any trouble or confusion these errors may have caused you and your customers. For more information, please contact your Aetna representative.

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