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Increase your earnings!

Oscar is pleased to announce that our partners can increase earnings through the enhanced administrative bonus program. A one-time bonus payment can be earned for new individual sales with effective dates of November 1, 2014 or December 1, 2014 and ACH recurring payment setup.

Producers will earn an administrative bonus
$50.00 per contract sold with  ACH set up!

Sell 30 apps with ACH set up and effective dates of November 1, 2014 or December 1, 2014
30 apps x $50.00 = $1,500 bonus


Below are some clarifying rules.  

1.    To receive this administrative bonus, the new member must set up recurring payments on the Oscar member website via ACH.
2.    The administrative bonus payment program shall be in addition to any other marketing and administration programs offered by Oscar.
3.    Only agents of record who are licensed, appointed and certified to sell in New York with the aggregator are eligible for this program.
4.    This administrative bonus applies only to new individuals to Oscar that enroll in a plan with effective dates from November 1, 2014 through December 1, 2014.
5.    All bonus payments will be made to the aggregator to which the marketing and administrative fee is paid. The administrative bonus will be paid after the bonus period is over and when all information required for verification       '
       of enrollment data and calculation of the bonus is available.
6.    This program applies to enrolled and approved applications. Applications must be in- force AND have ACH set up at the time of bonus calculation, which is approximately 45 days after the end of the 4th quarter.
7.    For dual or multiple broker arrangements, enrolled individual counts will be allocated in the same proportion as the marketing and administrative split.
8.    Production must be submitted under aggregator partner and include agent license number. On exchange sales, producers must be properly appointed with aggregator at the time of sale.
9.    Current members with Oscar will not be considered new business for this bonus program nor will members who terminate from Oscar and re-enroll. A new member is an individual who has not at any time been enrolled in an   
       Oscar plan. Agent of record changes on existing Oscar cases will not be credited as new business for this bonus program.
10. This Administrative Bonus Program is offered at the sole discretion of Oscar and can be terminated or modified by Oscar at any time and without notice.
11. All terms and conditions of the Oscar Marketing & Administrative Agreement shall continue to be in full force and effect.

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