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Update to new business underwriting process for 51-100 size groups

In an effort to improve our new business underwriting process for 51-100, we ask that you include current carrier bill with each request for proposal. This change is effective immediately for all new business with 11/01/2014 effective dates.

Communicate directly with underwriting

To help you provide fast and reliable service to your 51-100 clients, you can submit 51-100 quote requests, pre-screens and sold case submissions directly to underwriting. If more information is required, an underwriter will email you and copy your account executive. Once everything is received, an underwriter will process your request and email you final rates for your client’s approval.

New business illustrative quotes

Please email any requests for an illustrative quote to NE51-100QuotesPrescreens@Aetna.com. To receive a quote, your submissions must include the following:

Most recent Current Carrier Medical List Bill showing all enrolled employees and COBRA participants NEW!

• Census – must be in Excel format and include the following:

o    Employee name (First and Last Name)

o    Gender

o    Date of birth

o    Dependent status (single, parent/child, waiver, etc.)

o    Employee home zip code

o    Employee plan selection

o    Identify COBRA subscribers

o    identify retirees

•Company name
•Broker name, firm name
•Effective date
•Delivery deadline
•Name of current carrier
•Number of years with current carrier
•Current carrier rates
•Current carrier renewal, if available
•Current carrier plan design
•Waiting period
•Industry / SIC code
•Last 12 to 24 months of medical and pharmacy claim experience and large claim information, if available

Sold case submissions

Sold new business should be uploaded to our FTP server. If you don’t already have access, please complete the FTP Access Template, attach it to an email, and send it to SGFTP@aetna.com.

Important note: to ensure expedited turnaround times, case installation will only begin when we receive all required information outlined on our New Business Checklists for DE, CT, ME, NJ, NY, and PA.

Please contact your Aetna representative if you have any questions.


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