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Dear Valued Broker,

HealthPass is taking measures to streamline the administrative process and ensure our clients are getting the most out of their healthcare experience.  At the center of this change is the strengthening of our commitment to our general agents.  A valuable resource where brokers can entrust their business and know they will get the support they need, our GA partners will now be at the forefront of HealthPass' broker interaction.
Effective 9.1.14 HealthPass will require brokers who work with a General Agent to submit all transactions and information requests through their GA. 

This includes but is not limited to:  

•    New Group installation
•    Renewals
•    Changes
•    Product/benefits information and questions
•    Exceptions

These changes will facilitate a more efficient workflow and streamline communications between all organizations.  Brokers who have written cases without a General Agent may continue to contact HealthPass directly.

If you have questions please contact HealthPass Internal Sales Support at 212.252.8010 prompt 2

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