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In recent months, Aetna Pharmacy has busily prepared for January 1, 2014 pharmacy benefit renewal and any work necessary to upload pharmacy benefit plan changes to our systems. As a result, some benefit selections and the system updates necessary to reflect them, may still be in progress.

A default temporary pharmacy plan to assure access to care has been deployed to mitigate potential member disruption. This plan offers members an advantage over the coverage that they are due. For example, if a member’s prescription drug coverage does not apply correctly, they will be able to fill their medicine and receive a temporary fill of their medicine at $0 out-of-pocket cost.

•    Members impacted by the temporary plan to assure access to care will not be asked to pay back any out-of-pocket amount that would have applied if their coverage was correct.
•    The temporary plan will only be invoked on an as-needed basis. It will automatically be replaced when the member’s proper plan of benefits becomes active.

Aetna released a member letter that can be used as you may get questions from your brokers and customers.