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4/25/12 - Oxford - A broker notice was sent out by Oxford, Wed., April 25, 2012, to New York brokers  who support the Oxford platform. Highlights from the Oxford Commuinication "We are updating our policy on termination for non-payment of premiums for New York employer groups with Oxford[1] products."The new policy is consistent with that of their other commercial plan designs and serves to streamline processes in order to provide clients with the most  consistent service and best service experience possible.

Beginning with payments due on or after June 1, 2012, employer groups with Oxford coverage will be terminated retroactively to the last paid date of coverage if no payment is received during the grace
period. Previously, Oxford employer groups would be terminated at the end of the 30-day grace period,  following their last paid premium.

Although this policy applies to all Oxford New York employer group clients, it primarily impacts  Oxford small group (2-to-50) clients. To advise small group clients of this change, they are mailing
them a notice by May 1, 2012, 30 days prior to implementing the change.