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12/15/11 - Further clarification on how we can enroll Out of Area Employees. This email will serve as clarification for enrolling out of area members into a NY Oxford Plan. Previously, out of area members had to choose an Oxford USA plan.  Please see below for clarification on updated guidelines.   

  • 1. Out of area members can now select a qualifying in area plan.  Qualifying in area plans are those that are on the Freedom Network, Non Gated and OHI License (EPO, Metro-Non Gated, Direct, HSA)
  • 2.  Available to new business and upon renewal.  There will be no off cycle exceptions.
  • 3.  The selection of which option out of area members enroll (Oxford USA or In Area plan) is made at the group level.  A group must select one or the other, both alternatives cannot be selected.
  • 4.  An Oxford USA plan selection does not count towards the current point of enrollment guidelines.