NY Office - 516-352-7000

NJ Office - 973-257-5558


9/26/11 UnitedHealthcare has been notified that voicemails are being left for members by a caller claiming to be from Medco.  The voicemail is stating, “This is Medco, please call us back at 800-331-0835 and refer to this message”.

When members called the number on the voicemail the following occurred:
•    The person answering stated they were from Medco.
•    When the member questioned if there were issues on prescriptions/reason for the call, the person answering the call avoided these questions.
•    They instead offered to send the member a $100.00 gift card & $500.00 grocery gift card for a processing fee of $16.99 and asked for the member's credit card information.
Note: The number the member called to reach this call center is one number different from one of Medco's actual customer service numbers:

Actual Medco Customer Service – 800-311-0835
Fake Medco Customer Service – 800-331-0835