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An important reminder! All groups must be paid-in-full by the 30th of the month, or they will be placed on the delinquency/auto-termination list. Invoices will generate in the portal on the 15th of the month, and the group has 45 days (15 for the remainder of the month, then the 30 day grace period) from when the Invoice is generated to make payment in full.

Clients can access their Employer portal to view billing and payment activity. There is also an option to set-up auto payment, which would ensure that payments will be made on time, and avoid delinquency or termination. 

Empire very much appreciates your help in keeping clients paid-up and avoiding going to delinquency. Please assist Empire in reminding your mutual clients that beyond 45 days Empire will no longer accept delinquent payments. If that happens, the group will need to follow the reinstatement process. Click here to see the steps required for reinstatement. 

Below is important information regarding the delinquency & the cancellation process.

PDF icon2SM Delinquency & Cancellation process