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UHC Oxford

Please read this very important update from UHC Oxford - 

We received communication from our Oxford service team regarding upcoming changes in the Risk Management Audit process.  Previously, audits were to be processed online or submitted to Risk Management prior to the renewal effective date.  If the group missed the deadline, they would be terminated on renewal, but would be eligible for reinstatement if audit paperwork was sent in and approved within the renewal month.  Effective 8/1/2019, Risk Management will no longer accept audits after the termination date listed on the audit letter.  Not only do we have to submit the audit paperwork prior to the renewal deadline, but the audit must be complete and approved by the renewal date.  We've attached a full breakdown of what  you have to do regarding the audits as well as other necessary forms from UHC Oxford.  Please reach out to your FNA representative with any quesitons you may have.