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While preserving its population health commitment, Northwell to withdraw CareConnect from NYS insurance market
08/24/2017 | Terry Lynam

EAST HILLS, NY — As an early adopter of population health strategies, Northwell Health has moved aggressively over the past decade to develop new, innovative approaches to organizing care delivery in ways that bring the highest value to patients, insurance payers, employers and other customers.  As a result, Northwell has negotiated a multitude of value-based insurance contracts that make the health system responsible for managing the care of more than 400,000 individuals, including 125,000 customers covered through its CareConnect Insurance Company. 

Northwell announced today it is winding down CareConnect and withdrawing from New York State’s insurance market over the next year.  Northwell will be submitting a withdrawal plan to DFS, but CareConnect operations will continue over the next year as the company works with its customers, businesses and others to help transfer policy holders to other health plans. Throughout the transition, CareConnect will continue to pay claims and serve members, patients and providers. CLICK BELOW FOR THE FULL PRESS RELEASE

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