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Technology Upgrade at EmblemHealth - To better serve you and our members, EmblemHealth is upgrading our internal technology. This will affect HIP Small Groups/Members renewing between July 2017 and June 2018 and HIP Large Groups/Members renewing between August 2017 and July 2018. This upgrade will not affect GHI Large Groups/Members until 2018.

See exactly how this will impact you.This change starts with HIP Small Group July renewals.

  • Group numbers are changing to a 11-digit format
  • Member ID numbers are changing to a 11-digit alpha-numeric format
  • Emblem Health will be contracting ALL selling agents directly, which means Emblem will pay selling agents directly
  • Brokers will need to fill out new Emblem Health contracts, the target date is 6/17 for all contracts to be back in Emblem's office (Watch for new forms as soon as they are finalized).
  • All Brokers need to complete the new forms regardless of group’s renewal month.
  • Lock Box will be changing. Emblem will provide new information as soon as possible.
  • Old HIP/EH group and member ID numbers will be on the portal for 18 months.

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