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UHC Oxford 2015
OHP Withdrawal
Effective upon renewal in 2017 Oxford's Small group HMO products in New York will no longer be available. Please see the detail on the transition process below as action may be required!

Effective upon renewal, beginning January 1, 2017
Applies to OHP products
Small group HMO (including Healthy New York)
Large group POS
Individual HMO
Employers and members will receive notice about 180 days before their 2017 coverage end date

PLEASE NOTE - for a renewal plan change you must submit a 2017 Annual Certification along with the additional information/documentation below:
Manual Submission:
TAXES  - yes
CERT 2017  - yes   NY Small Group Application and Certification form OHI
SIGNED RATES yes -   plan design must be included
WAIVERS  - yes as well as enrollment forms for new subscribers
Letter from the GROUP -  yes

For Submission through IDEA:
TAXES -   yes
WAIVERS to upload  -  yes

PDF-icon2SM Click here to download the full pdf document