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 UHC Oxford 2015
Please find UHC's new 1-100 NYSG New Medical Business Broker Bonus program details below as well as their 2016 4Q Oxford NYSG Rate Sheet.

1-100 NYSG New Medical Business for Small Groups
UnitedHealthcare is offering a bonus to agents in New York who sell new medical plans with up to and including 100 full-time equivalent employees (“small groups”) with effective dates from
June 1, 2016 through November 30, 2016.

•    Agents must sell a combined total of at least 100 enrolled medical employees, and
•    Agents must also sell at least 25 dental employees during the bonus period in order to be eligible for the bonus
•    Only agents permanently located in New York are eligible for the bonus
•    The maximum bonus payable to any agent or agency is $7,500