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1)    Health Bonus 2016 One-Sheet
2)    Metro Network Pharm Update RE: Target

These are nice value-added services offered to all of our OXHP members. As you all know, CVS Pharmacy is currently non-par on our Metro Network (NY). On 12/16/15, CVS Health announced their Acquisition of Target’s Pharmacy and Clinic businesses.  Over the next several months,  the rebranding of Target Pharmacies to CVS Pharmacies will take place.  Please be aware that effective 4/1/16, Target pharmacies will no longer be par with Metro , due to this acquisition.

It is important to note that Metro Pharmacy program has a robust pharmacy network that includes Walgreens, Walmart, Duane  Reade, Rite Aid, and many more.  Please note that the attached does show Target, but will be removed and an updated list will be released.