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 Oxford - 1/29  - On Jan 1. 2014, we launched an Ancillary charge program on all fully insured NY and CT Small Business. This implementation was delayed and has been fully implemented as of Jan. 1 2016. 
  • MAC-A is not impacting all medications. Only medications where there is an exact chemical equivalent for a brand name and generic prescription where the member continues to take the generic The attached includes a listing of top impacted drugs.
  • Impacted members received the attached letter in December of 2015 – outlining the drug(s) they are currently taking, that will be enforced as part of the program.

Example of member notifications is included. For further clarification on the Ancillary Charge Program, please find the Oxford Member Flier which pertains to all Oxford NY and CT Small Groups in the document below.

PDF-icon2SM Click here to download the full pdf document

Click here to download the sample letter