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Uninterrupted coverage for Small Group 1-50 Health Republic customers
The state of New York announced recently that it has ordered Health Republic of New York tostop offering insurance as of November 30. This means Health Republic customers must act quickly to find a new plan or they will not have coverage on December 1.
To help with this situation, Aetna is pleased to offer Small Group 1-50 Health Republic customers uninterrupted coverage. Aetna will offer short contracts starting December 1, 2015through the customer’s Health Republic anniversary date.
For example:
If a customer was insured with Health Republic NY from June 1, 2015 through June1, 2016, we’ll offer comparable coverage from December 1 through June 1, 2016. Whencoverage ends, customers have the option to renew with us. Those plans will be adjusted toour Aetna 2016 rates and benefits.We are also making deductible credit available. If a Health Republic customer has a remaining deductible balance, we’ll provide that same balance as of December 1.
They have also released an FAQ to cover all questions regarding Health Republic.