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Aetna / Health Republic NY Transitions

Aetna will require 12/1 Health Republic NY new business to have existing Health Republic contract year renewal

In an effort to keep our brokers updated on breaking industry news, below is a brief update regarding Aetna and how they will be handling Health Republic NY business that will transition to an Aetna plan.
The official communication has not yet come out from Aetna but it has been approved by the DFS. Health Republic business placed 12/01/15 will have a contract year coinciding with existing Health Republic renewal plan, then will renew again in 2016.

Example: If a Health Republic NY policy year was 04/01/15 to 3/31/16 and it is placed as new business with Aetna for a 12/01/15 effective date, the Aetna plan will run from 12/01/15 to 03/31/16 and will then renew on 4/01/16 with Aetna rates.

This has been approved by the State and Aetna will require documentation of existing contract period of Health Republic NY policy.
As we get additional clarification from Aetna about deductible credits, documentation requirements, etc., we will share it with you as quickly as possible.