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UHC Oxford 2015

Transitioning your HRepublic to Oxford Platform
We have obtained the slides from Oxford Health Plans, specifically dealing with how to transition your Health Republic membership to the Oxford Platform.

Slide Presentation

Below you will find the link to the required Attestation form referenced that must be completed & submitted with these requests.

Attestation Form

Who’s eligible?

Health Republic new business groups that enrolled with Oxford for November & December 2015 effective dates will be allowed to complete an off-cycle plan change and select a Metro plan on 1/1/16.

We will require the following to make this change:
 New York Employer Plan Year/Policy Year Change Request form (attached) acknowledging:
All member cost-share accumulators will reset
Plan Year will change to 1/1/16
Group has less than 100 Full Time Equivalents (FTE)
Health Republic Invoice or Termination Notice
1/1/16 Signed Rates & Plans
Documentation of member enrollment (if more than one plan is offered)
The off-cycle plan change can be completed in the following ways:

1.    Upload via IDEA at the time of the new business sale
Note:  Required documentation must be saved under a different file name than the tax documentation.
Suggested file name: Health Republic Metro Plan Request


2.    Can be submitted manually via group services

Additionally, Oxford groups who are adding Health Republic membership via full replacement are eligible to term and rewrite their policies for 12/1/15.

•    If these groups would like to make an off-cycle plan change to Metro for 1/1/16, they can do so via the above guidelines.