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On-Exchange insurance coverage is provided through underwriters and administrators affiliated with United HealthCare Services, Inc.
UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company (UHCLIC) is the underwriter and administrator of the plans offered Off-Exchange.

Just as a reminder during open enrollment, UnitedHealthcare will be entering into the NJ Individual Public Exchange for the first time and plans to be a strong player!
To increase our focus in this marketplace and better partner with our brokers, we are offering a competitive commission of $11.50 per subscriber per month.

Due to the possible government subsidies we feel this is a great market for many different people, but areas where we would recommend our brokers to prospect would be:

•    Potential members who are not offered employer based coverage
•    Dependents that age off of their parents plan
•    Full time employees who waived their employer’s plan if they can’t afford the contributions
•    Part time employees not eligible for their employers plan
•    A more affordable option when an employee is thinking about electing COBRA

If you are not appointed to sell our individual exchange products, you can get appointed with the Producer Application
•    Be sure to choose your General Agent in “Agency Affiliation” section – FNA FINANCIAL SERVICES

You can quote, get information on our plan designs, and search our network from our main website: https://www.uhone.com/

Individual Producer Guide – BROKERS only – Not for Consumers