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Horizon URGENT Renewal Update

Horizon-BCBSNJ has communicated that for the 4th quarter renewals, which includes October, November, and December, groups will be permitted to renew within their existing Pre-ACA plan.  With 4th quarter representing the highest volume of renewing membership, the decision to grandmother these groups supports the need to create a smooth renewal process and to help focus on retention efforts.  In the event a group does not opt to stay in their Pre-ACA plan, they will then need to move to an ACA compliant policy with SAPD.  

NOTICE - All 4th quarter groups opting to “renew as is” into the existing Pre-ACA plan MUST submit signed conversion paperwork accepting the Pre-ACA plan.  The 12/1/14 conversion deadline is noon on Friday 11/21/14.   The conversion paperwork includes a signed conversion form plus a copy of the pre-ACA renewal.

Important to Note:
Please be advised that groups with only a Pre-ACA HMO offering will be exempt from renewing into that same plan. This is because the HMO product has been withdrawn. The HMO membership remaining in Small Employer is insignificant.  Those groups must renew into a ACA compliant plan.  However, if a group has one HMO sub-group and another non-HMO sub-group, the group may elect prior to the renewal to move the HMO members into the existing eligible Pre-ACA plan by using Member Maintenance.    This would permit a group to renew as is into their existing Pre-ACA plan.

Thank you for your timely submissions in this process. Please call your FNA Representative if you have any questions.

PDF-icon2SMClick here to download the conversion paperwork