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Advantages of Self-Funding with Starmark

Starmark HealthyEdgeSM and Starmark Healthy Incentives® self-funded health plan designs and stop-loss insurance, for small to mid-size businesses, could help employers save money while maintaining traditional health benefits for their employees.

Self-funding has many advantages, including:

  • Flexible plan designs that are similar to fully insured plans – Starmark offers unique plan designs with a choice of attractive options to meet the needs and budget of employers.
  • Set monthly payments – Employers pay a set amount each month for the duration of the contract, regardless of claim activity, which means they can manage their budget easier.
  • The opportunity for a refund – Employers retain the surplus if claim expenses are lower than funded.
  • Stop-loss protection – If covered medical claims are higher than the amount of money funded in the claim pre-fund account, employers are protected with stop-loss insurance.
  • Long-term savings – ERISA self-funded plans are not required to cover costly state-mandated insurance benefits, which helps control healthcare costs.
  • Savings on state premium taxes – Self-funded claim dollars are not subject to state health insurance premium taxes, which provides employers with direct savings.
  • Claim activity reporting – Healthcare utilization reports provide transparency of healthcare costs to show how the claim dollars are being used.

Help employers manage their healthcare costs by offering them the latest innovative solutions with Starmark HealthyEdge and Starmark Healthy Incentives self-funded health plan designs and stop-loss insurance.

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