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AmeriHealth New Jersey announces new ROAM and employer portal enhancements
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AmeriHealth New Jersey is pleased to announce several new ROAM and employer portal enhancements that launched on August 11, 2014. These include a redesigned user interface which provides a new ROAM "look and feel" and expanded capabilities for the Individual Enrollment Dashboard.

ROAM Redesigned User Interface
The ROAM redesign incorporates new style and color scheme changes to create a more modern aesthetic that aligns with our website and portals for a consistent visual identity. We're also introducing a new ROAM logo designed specifically with you in mind. This new logo symbolizes our singular focus on you and our commitment to improve global communications and consistency in messaging. In addition, we've implemented navigational changes to ensure that it's easier than ever to quickly and easily access your customer information. These navigational changes, coupled with the new look and feel, will ensure that keystrokes or clicks function similarly and cohesively across the various platforms. Learn more about the enhancements in the ROAM User Interface guide.

ROAM Individual Enrollment Dashboard
The enhanced dashboard offers you new features and capabilities to efficiently manage your customers enrolled in Individual Medically Underwritten plans, our retail platform, and the Federally Facilitated Marketplace. We've added fields that display information such as the producing agent name, enrollment status, and paid through date to provide you with immediate visibility and real-time access to customer information once the CID has been created and the member is enrolled. New filter and sort options allow you to search for the specific data you need based on various criteria, including customer name, enrollment status, and line of business. Learn more about the enhancements in the ROAM Individual Enrollment Dashboard.

Future ROAM Enhancements
As always, AmeriHealth New Jersey is committed to providing you with the tools and resources that you need to successfully manage your individual and group customers. We have developed a key set of ROAM capabilities and enhancements that will be delivered on a phased implementation schedule to ensure that any new functionality will seamlessly integrate with our current applications. This is especially critical during peak season to ensure uninterrupted access. Upcoming enhancements include a new resource center that will create a centralized location for you to quickly and easily locate product, marketing, and educational materials for individual and group customers by group size, as well as a communications section for Broker Alerts, ROAM splash screen messages, and other important notifications.

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