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AmeriHealth Individual Product Updated Material

Final 2014 IHC materials with name corrections and other enhancements such as:
•         Clarification for certain plans in Silver and Platinum that were given the same name (Option A and Option B)
•         The plans match up in order when comparing the rate card to the benefit brochure.
•         Family Dental info was moved to the back of the brochure as a separate benefit description.
•         The coinsurance amounts now reflect the new method of communicating this benefit – i.e. 30% instead of 70%.
•         The Catastrophic Plans (Simple Saver) now show the true benefit amount after the deductible is met (no charge).
•         Additional benefit lines were added – Laboratory and Non-Routine Diagnostic
              As a reminder, Non-Routine Diagnostic is another way of saying Complex Imaging such as MRI, CAT and PET scans.
•         Footnotes were added for a number of plans to provide some additional clarification as needed.