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We wanted to share the communication that was recently mailed to January, February and March anniversary IHC renewal members.  We are providing a 90 Day notice of policy cancelation for all of our existing IHC members based on their original anniversary date as per guidance from NJ DOBI.  The letter is mailed 90 days prior to their anniversary date.  The attached letter provides information about why they are receiving the notice, direction on what their options are and contains the Member Services phone number should they have any questions.  Some high level items to note:
•         All existing IHC member policies will terminate at their respective anniversary date (i.e. January 1, February 15, June 1, etc.)
•         We are required to provide at least 90 day notice prior to terminating coverage.  This impacts our January, February and March members immediately so they are first to receive the attached letter.
•         Someone will have 30 days PRIOR to their anniversary date to make a plan change into a new ACA plan in order to keep their same anniversary effective date.
•         Someone will have up to 60 days AFTER their policy is canceled to enroll into a new ACA plan.  The effective date is determined by whether they apply through the FFM or direct with AHNJ and the date the application is    received by either the FFM or AHNJ.
•         Someone who misses the 60 day enrollment window will not be eligible to enroll in an IHC Plan until the Annual Enrollment period set to begin on October 15th for OFF Marketplace and November 15th for ON Marketplace, for a January 1, 2015 effective date.  The only exception is another life event which opens a new 60 day enrollment window.