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New Jersey Small Group Transition Relief: As previously communicated, federal and New Jersey regulators announced that Oxford is now permitted to offer small group (2-50) customers with New Jersey sitused plans with effective dates Jan. 1, 2014 through Oct. 1, 2014 the option to renew their existing 2013 Oxford1 coverage with limited changes for 2014. We have decided to permit New Jersey small groups to exercise this option and accept this Transitional Coverage.

•   They have updated their New Jersey small group 90/60/30 Required Notice, which is currently sent to customers with their monthly bill, to reflect these new options. A copy of this notice is enclosed for your reference and should replace any previous versions you were sent in early September. This revised notice will starting circulating in this month’s billing cycle.

•    They have also updated their New Jersey small group Renewal Letters, which are sent 60 days in advance of your clients renewal date. These letters will continue to show ACA compliant plans and rates but inform your clients of their options and that they will receive a separate federally required notification with more details. Copies of the renewal letter templates are enclosed for your reference.

Please see information below on NJ Oxford small group transition notices

90 60 30 NJSG BILL STUFFER April through Oct 2014 NJ-13-110

2014 NJSG Renewal Letter ABRP-IDEA (60 Day Notice) April through Oct NJ-13-1101

2014 NJSG Renewal Letter MANUAL (60 Day Notice) April through Oct NJ-13-1102