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6/27/12  New Oxford Product Offering for New Jersey Small (2–50) Groups. The health care industry is constantly changing, which is why UnitedHealthcare continues to develop new Oxford products that are designed to fit the needs of our employers and members. We are excited to introduce the New Jersey Oxford Exclusive Plan, a new, low cost, in-network only plan for new and renewing small (2–50) employer groups in New Jersey. This will be quoted ready 7/1/2012 for effective dates of 8/1/2012.

The New Jersey Oxford Exclusive Plan is an affordable health benefits plan built to meet the budget needs of clients without compromising the quality of care provided to their employees. The highlights of the plan include:

  • In-network only plan
  • Members have access to the Liberty Network only
  • When traveling outside of the Oxford tri-state service area members have in-network access to the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus national network
  • Employers can choose from six non-gated plan designs

Note: This product is available for small groups ONLY at this time