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4/4/12 -This broker notice is a follow-up to our notice in February regarding Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s participation in the UnitedHealthcare and Oxford networks for our commercial products. While our current contract terminated on March 15, 2012, we are continuing efforts to negotiate a new contract with Deborah Heart and Lung Center. In February, UHC/Oxford mailed letters to affected commercial group non-HMO members, notifying them of the potential termination. These members cannot use the hospital on an in-network basis after March 15, 2012. They are now mailing a similar letter to our affected commercial group HMO members. In accordance with the four-month cooling off period mandated by the State of New Jersey, HMO members may continue to access Deborah Heart and Lung Center on an in-network basis through July 14, 2012.