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 Horizon wants to remind brokers that the conversion deadline for April 1, 2018 renewing groups or off anniversary conversions is Friday 3/23/18 at 12:00 noon. Any groups that are submitted after this deadline will be moved to a 4/1/18 effective date.  Horizon has determined that if a group is accepting their existing ACA plan renewal, no paperwork is necessary.  Only if a group is converting to a completely different ACA plan alternative or if they are moving from a pre-ACA plan to an ACA plan would conversion paperwork be necessary. It is imperative that complete paperwork as mandated above be submitted in as timely a manner as possible.  Conversions without all required documentation or submitted after deadline face the risk of losing their requested conversion date and being moved to the next month.  

Below are links to the full communication, Horizon's Conversion Request Form, and Small Group Health Plans: