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2/25/11 - Please be advised that any group with one employee and a 1099 will not be acceptable. A group may be offered coverage if the employer first has at least two eligible W-2 employees. After which, the group can add independent contractor(s) on as additional "employees" if they are considered such under the group's health benefit plan. A small employer may elect either to cover all independent contractors (1099's) or not to cover independent contractors at all. A person is considered an eligible independent contractor if s/he is performing a service for the employer pursuant to a written contract for monetary or other legal consideration; is working for the employer 25 or more hours per week; works on other than a temporary or substitute basis; and the independent contractor relationship has been established to serve a substantial business need of the employer and is not intended primarily to obtain insurance coverage. If the employer elects to offer them coverage, they count towards the determination of 2-50 eligible employees and in the participation calculation.