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Aetna SM for Web

As a follow up to the requests for Aetna’s AFA quoting – find out what information that is necessary for the quickest turnaround time.

Please provide the following for an AFA quote:
•    Member Level Census – please include all full-time eligible employees, COBRA, waivers and retirees: for members and their enrolling dependents - legal first name, legal last name, date of birth, gender, home zip code, medical tier (EE, EE&Sp, EE&Ch(ren), EE&Family or Waiver) and relationship to the employee
•    Company name:
•    Full address:
•    FTE required for CO, CT, GA, MD, NC, NJ
•    Effective date (1st of the month only):
•    Broker Name:
•    Broker Email Address:
•    # eligible:
•    # enrolling:
•    Name of current carrier:
•    Fully-insured or self-insured?
•    SIC:

Required for currently self-insured groups:
•    Current carrier rates
•    Current carrier renewal
•    Claims experience / detailed claims report
•    Current carrier plan design
•    Current carrier invoice – members listed