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UHC Oxford 2015
Oxford Broker eBulletin: Capitalize on Change in New Jersey to Earn Extra Money

Many stakeholders have expressed concerns about a major carrier exiting the small group fully insured health insurance market in New Jersey. Brokers may already have customers asking to explore other health insurance coverage in response to this announcement. We have developed a compensation program for producers who move this business to a UnitedHealthcare subsidiary medical product.

Producer compensation program overview
•    Audience: Medical groups with up to 50 eligible employees from an exiting carrier in New Jersey
•    Compensation: Additional compensation of $20 for each enrolled employee
•    Product Offerings: UnitedHealthcare subsidiaries: Oxford® and All Savers® Alternate Funding
•    Effective Dates: Aug. 1, 2017 - Dec. 31, 2017. The additional compensation will be paid based on the Dec. 31, 2017 enrolled employee count of the eligible groups.

Getting a quote is easy!
•    Brokers are directed to contact their Account Executive or General Agent to get an Oxford or All Savers Alternate Funding quote.
•    New Jersey groups with 15 - 50 employees who are receiving a fully insured renewal and a medically underwritten alternate funding quote from an exiting carrier, will have medical questionnaires waived as long as the broker provides us with the alternate funding quote from the exiting carrier.

Additional Information
•    The broker eBulletin will be posted to the Highlights section (post login) of the oxfordhealth.com Broker portal.

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•    Broker eBulletin
•    New Jersey Additional Compensation Overview
•    Commitment to New Jersey Flier