NY Office - 516-352-7000

NJ Office - 973-257-5558

HorizonBlue-Logo-Updated-Jan15 2013
Per Horizon BCBSNJ, the regular Horizon Broker Portal along with their direct enrollment pathway to the Marketplace is now available.
As a reminder they are currently defaulting effective dates based on the enrollment submission date using the logic below:

Application submitted   
On the 1st through the 14th of the month - Effective Date 15th of the month
On the 15th  through the end of the month - Effective Date1st of the following month

If requesting a date outside of these parameters, please upload a document with a written request specifying the required effective date along with the supporting SEP documents. When entering applications, the system still doesn’t allow the actual triggering event date to be entered, you have to use the 1st of the current month.  The enrollment department will review the SEP documents to determine the true triggering event date.  

Below please find a copy of the SEP document requirements for reference.