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The live October and November Broker Education sessions were completed and Horizon-BCBSNJ was pleased with their success.  Attached are links to the recorded sessions for your review.  To view the recordings please click the links below

•         Member/Broker Portal Updates
•         2017 IHC Product Updates
•         2017 Small Group Product Updates

Also, presale kit for the Small Group market are available to assist you in your selling process in both English and Spanish. The presale kit for the IHC market is currently being updated and will be sent under separate cover. Also, a copy of the presentation and the Reminder Guide Instructions Memos for Midsize 51-99 and 100+ groups are available to assist you. .

If you have difficulty viewing the recordings please visit the support section of Webex (Downloads for Individual Services) and click on the Event Center to download and learn more about recorders and players.