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As you may be aware, there is no longer any National Access Networks, or Out-of-Network benefits available from any carrier in the IHC market for New Jersey.  However, for Horizon BCBS members, there is a courtesy program (no additional charge) called Away From Home Care, that allows for temporary coverage for members who reside outside of NJ for a period of the year.  Any enrolled member or dependent is eligible to apply, but coverage is not available in all areas.  Coverage availability is based on the county where the member will reside while away, and the coverage is provided by the Host BCBS carrier in that county.  The Away From Home Care plan will always be an HMO plan, and the details of the plan coverage will be provided by the Host carrier once the member is approved.  The member will receive another set of ID cards to use while in their Away From Home Care coverage area, but will continue to use their NJ ID cards for any prescription benefits.  When in NJ, they will use their NJ ID cards and plan benefits.

For non-college students, the coverage is for six months, and then there is a six month waiting period before they can apply again. For college students, if approved, the coverage is good for one year, and then must be renewed.  However, if the college student is the primary member, coverage follows the non-college student rule.

Members should call the Away From Home Care customer service number directly at (973) 466-8091, to determine if coverage is available in the area they or their dependent will reside.
Members should submit their Away From Home Care application directly via email, mail, or fax based on the information provided on the attached application form.