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Please see below information about Healthplex dental plan that is ACA compliant.  We are partnering this plan with Health Republic of NJ or any other carrier that does not have a pediatric dental solution. Below you will find links to the NJ Family Smiles dental plan enrollment form and benefit information.  This plan is an Affordable Care Act compliant Off-Exchange dental plan available for Individuals and Families in New Jersey.  
Below you will see a website search link to lookup the participating dental offices in your area.  You will need to choose one General Dentist for your Family to be assigned to upon enrollment.  
This plan follows the Affordable Care Act Federal Essential Health Benefit guidelines for dental coverage, which includes preventive dental services every six months (Cleanings, exams & x rays), as well as fillings of cavities and extractions of teeth.  Other major dental services need to be sent by the assigned dental office for pre-approval.  For all allowable dental procedures under this plan, there will be a $48 copayment per dental office visit.  
New Jersey Off-Exchange Individual/Family Plan Premiums (Monthly)
Individual - $19.70
Couple - $39.40
Single Parent + Child(ren) - $50.73
Family - $70.43