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Reminder for all December groups that have renewed their existing plan designs as is in order to make an off anniversary conversion to an OMNIA product effective 1/1/16:  please send conversion forms and plan quotes ASAP to your FNA Representative.  As of Monday 11/23/15, we are able to start processing January off anniversary conversions online.  If you know that a group is making this type of change, we would like to start processing these off anniversary conversions as early as possible in order to have id cards generated and avoid a rush at the end of the December.  Thank you for your assistance in ensuring that these transitions move forward as efficiently as possible!

PLEASE NOTE: if the group is moving from pre-ACA, grandmothered plan(s), they MUST provide certification including fully completed cert form and tax documentation with the conversion request to prove that they are a valid small group.  No husband/wife or owner only groups are eligible for ACA plans.