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Important NYSAHU Message on Single Payer in New York

This week the New York State Assembly passed what has been Assemblyman Richard Gottfried's pet project for the past 23 years - a bill calling for the establishment of a universal single payer health care plan (A.5062 (Gottfried) / S.3525 (Perkins)). It has not yet passed the Senate.
Make no mistake; if this bill becomes law it will eliminate your ability to earn a living as a health insurance agent, broker or consultant - and while it may seem hard to believe, there is a chance that it could become law in the near future. Now is the time for you to protect your livelihood by taking action.
We will need your support, more than ever before. We'll be reaching out with more information in the near future. For now, we encourage you to talk to other brokers, agents and consultants and tell them about this challenge to our future, and encourage them to join NAHU if they're not already members.
NAHU/NYSAHU is fighting for you to preserve our livelihood and the dues you pay will help us to get the message across that single payer does not reduce costs and will not improve healthcare for New Yorkers. If health insurance producers, brokers, agents, consultants and carriers don't all come together to fight this egregious legislation: A.5062 (Gottfried) / S.3525 (Perkins) - the NY Health Plan, when will they act? You can act by passing this message along to them, ask them to click on the link below and join NAHU today.

The bill anticipates rolling up every health care provider in the state - including Medicare, Medicaid and employer-sponsored health plans - and replacing them with a new plan called New York Health.
Mr. Gottfried says that New York Health would have no co-pays or deductibles, would pay providers more than they're currently receiving and would lower costs by getting rid of insurance companies.
While this bill has only a slight chance of becoming law this year, the situation could change dramatically over the next two years. The NYS Senate, currently controlled by a (one vote) Republican majority, will most likely not pass this bill in 2015.
Since the bill passed in the Assembly this year, even if it doesn't pass the Senate it will be voted on again next year in the Assembly without having to pass through committee review beforehand - which means that it could, and most likely will pass the Assembly again in January or February of next year.
With two Republican senators currently under indictment, and Hillary Clinton expected to be at the top of the 2016 Democratic ticket with long down ballot coattails, there's a chance that the Republican majority in the NYS Senate could be at risk - and that single payer could be the reality shortly thereafter.
The NYSAHU board has contacted an actuary to discuss deconstructing and debunking the University of Massachusetts report, and will redouble our already considerable efforts in Albany against the single payer initiative.
Jamie Schutzer
NYSAHU President

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