Principal Financial 2014



Just a reminder -  Principal Financial Group is dedicated to the small group market and we want to write “small” cases.  For a number of years now we have capped our renewals for groups with fewer than 50 enrolled.  The current Dental cap is holding at 5.3% for groups of 50 and fewer.  The good news is that we are now extending that program for groups of 51-100!  Dental increases in 4Q15 for groups of 51-100 will be capped at 5.9%!!

As a reminder, our contracts and offerings for smaller groups are very favorable.  Highlights include:

•    All Groups 3+ have a dedicated local Account Executive
•    Broker bonus program counting all lines with 5+ enrolled
•    3+ Dental with no waiting periods or deferrals for timely entrants, even on start up groups
•    5+ Dental Ortho with no waiting periods or deferrals for timely entrants even on start up groups
•    Credit Deductibles and Rollover Amounts and Refresh Annual Maximum on all takeover groups
•    26/26 Standard Child Eligibility
•    Our LTD contract has an “Or” Definition of Disability standard
•    Voluntary plans for all lines available down to Five Enrolled
•    5% Package Discounts available on groups of 3+ with three or more qualifying lines of coverage

Click the document below for the product matrix with more capabilities and offerings.


 Click here to download the full pdf document