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Guardian is offering Guaranteed Savings on 1/1/15 TDB business**.  This applies to TDB currently with a private carrier or through the state.
-- Company has 16-300 lives
-- TDB is with a private carrier and rate is .60 or less
-- TDB is with the state and employer rate is .60 or less

-- Guardian can guarantee savings, ranging from 10%-40%

Advantages of putting this business with Guardian
-- Savings for client
-- Revenue growth (the state does not pay commissions on TDB)
-- Account Rounding
-- Improved Claims submission, administration, and turnaround time

If a group has TDB coverage with a private carrier, please send renewal or invoice showing rate is .60 or less. If a client has TDB through the State, provide the most recent AC174 form (the state mailed these out at the beginning of August). Note, if a group doesn't have their AC174, we can obtain from the State on their behalf - please complete the Authorization Form (see below).

Please send any opportunities to Brian Bodner or work with your FNA Representative. We will obtain a formal quote, including a cost comparison illustration. 

PDF-icon2SMClick here to download the full pdf AC174 Form