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UnitedHealthcare Specialty Update January 2014

Due to ACA reform, there have been changes to approved applications in the tri-state area. We have obtained the most up-to date applications that each group submission should use from here on. Please use these applications moving forward in order to help us process your groups as quick and smooth as possible. Below you will find the following:
•    New York Dental and Vision Only Employer Application 2014
•    New Jersey Dental and Vision Only Employer Application 2014
•    Connecticut Dental and Vision Only Employer applicatio 2014

Husband/Wife Groups:
UHC Standalone and OBM will follow suit with medical when determining eligibility of Groups consisting of Husband and Wife. The passage of the Affordable necessitated a focus on federal (as opposed to state) requirements for determining what entities qualify to purchase a group health plan. Under ERISA in order to qualify as a “group health plan” an employer must have employees other than just the sole owner and the owner’s spouse who are eligible to purchase coverage under the plan documents.