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3rd quarter rate sheets are available for OBM

•    Groups enrolling in Contributory plans must have at least 75% of active eligible employees enrolled, excluding those waived with spousal coverage. This is not to fall below 50% of all eligible employees.
•    Groups enrolling in Voluntary plans must have at least 2 people enrolling to be eligible for coverage.
•    The employer must contribute at least 50% towards the employee’s premium for Contributory plans and no more than 49% for the Voluntary plan.
•    For orthodontia, an employer group must have a minimum of 10 enrolling employees. Orthodontia benefits are for dependent children only up to the age of 26.
•    Effective dates of coverage can only be the first of the month.

To enroll a new group into an OBM plan, the following items must be submitted:

1.    A completed OBM Group Enrollment Checklist – attached.
2.    A Member Enrollment Form must be completed for each active eligible enrolling employee – attached.
3.    A binder check equal to one month's premium made payable to Oxford Benefit Management.
4.    A rate sheet based on final enrollment census information and current effective date.
5.    A Wage and Tax Statement. Examples of Required Tax Documentation.
6.    A recent copy of the group's current dental insurance carrier's Summary of Benefits, as well as the prior carrier's bill (only needed if the group had prior dental coverage through another carrier).