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Offer real value by accessing critical benefits data. In just a few minutes, you can generate and access critical data that can help you and your clients make informed decisions about their benefits with the Principal Benefit Design ToolSM – offering real value and fueling sales.  The tool assesses other employers’ benefit designs for group dental, short-term disability, long-term disability and life, and helps you provide clients with information about the most commonly offered benefit features.

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Maximize Your Earnings with Healthplex
We value all the hard work you do as an appointed broker.  For this reason, with the HeallthPlex new 2016 compensation program, your hard work can translate into rewards with their expanded commission incentive opportunity.

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UnitedHealthcare offers COBRA, Section 125, and FSA at no additional cost to groups with 20-99 eligible employees.
Flyers and information below are the national training webinars for employers or brokers to attend to learn more:

Principal’s Pediatric Dental program is filed, approved and exchange certified in NJ for 2016.  Please find the benefit summary attached below for reference. Let FNA along with Principal help with this program to make sure your clients are compliant with ACA!






Sun Life to acquire US Employee Benefits Business of Assurant
Sun Life Financial will acquire Assurant’s Employee Benefits business

• Includes Group Life, Disability, Dental, Voluntary and Vision businesses; also includes Disability RMS business
• Accelerates growth strategy in U.S. Group Benefits and enhances product and distribution capabilities

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Principal Financial 2014



Just a reminder -  Principal Financial Group is dedicated to the small group market and we want to write “small” cases.  For a number of years now we have capped our renewals for groups with fewer than 50 enrolled.  The current Dental cap is holding at 5.3% for groups of 50 and fewer.  The good news is that we are now extending that program for groups of 51-100!  Dental increases in 4Q15 for groups of 51-100 will be capped at 5.9%!!

As a reminder, our contracts and offerings for smaller groups are very favorable.  Highlights include:

•    All Groups 3+ have a dedicated local Account Executive
•    Broker bonus program counting all lines with 5+ enrolled
•    3+ Dental with no waiting periods or deferrals for timely entrants, even on start up groups
•    5+ Dental Ortho with no waiting periods or deferrals for timely entrants even on start up groups
•    Credit Deductibles and Rollover Amounts and Refresh Annual Maximum on all takeover groups
•    26/26 Standard Child Eligibility
•    Our LTD contract has an “Or” Definition of Disability standard
•    Voluntary plans for all lines available down to Five Enrolled
•    5% Package Discounts available on groups of 3+ with three or more qualifying lines of coverage

Click the document below for the product matrix with more capabilities and offerings.


 Click here to download the full pdf document


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Important Update - In an evolving employee benefits landscape, Guardian is committed to staying in sync with your and your clients’ needs. To help you to continue growing your business, we’re growing your Guardian team and expanding our service and support. This includes additional knowledgeable, consultative support in your local sales office and expanded capabilities in our service teams. Highlights of our expanded service and support can be found below:

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LIA HAlliance 2014 copy

The LIA Health Alliance is happy to announce we now offer  New York State DBL through ShelterPoint (formerly First Rehab)

ShelterPoint offers an electronic process that will allow you to submit your application in realtime.  Additionally you will receive approved policies via email and remit payments online.

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New EHB Dental Benefit Meets ACA Benchmark Requirements in New Jersey
Principal Life Insurance Company is pleased to announce a new pediatric dental benefit available in New Jersey – Principal Dental Essential PlusSM. Combining our traditional dental benefit offering with a pediatric dental Essential Health Benefit (EHB), Principal Dental Essential Plus extends the amount and types of coverage available to members under age 19.

Not sure what dental coverage options are available for your clients? It depends … do they have transitional coverage? Is pediatric coverage embedded or not embedded in a health plan? Or is pediatric coverage through a child-only dental plan? We can help you make sense of it all. LEARN MORE.

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Mutual of Omaha Recommendation: Employers Should Monitor Closely Group Term Life Insurance Enrollments

Please review this recent court decision that was made in regards to a group life insurance case in the state of New York.  It is something that is good to know and you can also share this with your employer groups. This will impact the procedures during open enrollments.

Many employers offer group term life insurance, including supplemental life. Often an employee who wants to buy coverage above a particular level after an initial open enrollment period must show evidence of insurability. This requirement is present to protect the plan from adverse selection so that employees do not wait until they develop a medical condition before purchasing a policy. A recent Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals decision highlights the dangers to employers and insurers that fail to monitor these enrollment requirements.

In that case, an employee waited several years before applying to purchase supplemental life insurance benefits through his employer’s plan. The enrollment was done on line and the employee requested coverage equal to five times his salary, a total of $429,000. He made this election during the annual open enrollment period and the policy appeared on his benefit election package on the employer’s intranet. The employer then began withholding the applicable premium for the coverage.

At the time that the employee was first eligible to enroll for coverage, he signed a statement stating that if he declined coverage, but later decided to enroll he would be required to provide evidence of good health satisfactory to the insurance company. Although the employer said that there should have been a text box alerting the employee to the evidence of insurability requirement during the enrollment process, there was no evidence that the box in fact appeared nor did the employer introduce the language of the text box or the insurability form that would need to be completed. Six months after enrollment the employee died although there was also no evidence that he was ill at the time that he enrolled for the additional coverage.

The beneficiary sought the life insurance benefits and was told that the coverage did not go into effect because no evidence of insurability form had been filed and approved. During the course of the lawsuit, the beneficiary learned that approximately 200 employees had never filed evidence of insurability but had premium payments for coverage withheld from their paychecks. The insurer allowed those employees to submit that evidence of insurability in order to allow the continued coverage. The beneficiary who sued was not permitted to make the same showing for the deceased employee.

The trial court had found in favor of the insurance company and the employer. The Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the case to the District Court to reconsider. The Court of Appeals reached some conclusions that may cause employers to look more closely at their enrollment provisions:

•    The court found that the 100 page policy was not a sufficient summary plan description because it was technical and complicated and did not explain the plan in simple terms. (This conclusion could call into question medical plan summary plan descriptions which also tend to be long, technical and complicated.)
•    The court suggested that employers should explain better in the summary plan description what evidence of insurability is and how it is shown.
•    It can be a breach of fiduciary duty for an employer to accept the premium payments without making sure that there is in fact coverage under the plan. In other words, the employer and the insurance company should be monitoring late enrollments for proof that evidence of insurability has been filed and accepted. Failure to do so, particularly while accepting premium payments, may result in a finding of liability for the requested coverage.

Employers may wish to review both their summary plan descriptions and their processes for enrollment with respect to late enrollments under the term life insurance policies. Failure to monitor and enforce an insurability requirement may result in an employee being treated as having coverage despite having never shown evidence of good health.

PDF-icon2SMClick here to download the full pdf document

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Important Announcement from Prudential Regarding Group Insurance for Customers with Less Than 100 Enrolled Employees or Members

At Prudential Group Insurance (Prudential), we are constantly looking to improve our business to enhance the support we provide to you and your customers.

We recently completed an extensive review of our go-to-market approach, during which many of you also gave us your feedback. In an effort to better align our efforts to your needs, we have made the strategic decision to exit the less than 100 lives segment and to discontinue new sales of life and disability insurance products to customers with less than 100 enrolled employees or members, effective immediately.

Impact to New Sales and Enrollments

As a result of this decision, we will stop issuing new quotes to customers with less than 100 enrolled employees or members. We also will withdraw all pending and unexpired quotes from customers with under 100 enrolled employees or members, effective October 31, 2014.

Impact to Existing Policyholders

Following today’s announcement, we will immediately begin the process of notifying existing customers with under 100 enrolled employees or members of our decision. A copy of this letter is attached for your reference.

Please know that we are committed to ensuring that your customers continue to receive quality service through the existing rate guarantee period, as long as the terms and conditions of the group policy are met.

To make this transition easy for our existing policyholders, Prudential will honor the following:

  • If a policyholder’s existing rate guarantee period expires on a date following this announcement, and on or before January 31, 2015, Prudential Group Insurance will offer to renew the policy with a two-year rate guarantee for all life insurance products and a one-year rate guarantee for all disability insurance products.
  • If a policyholder’s existing rate guarantee period expires on February 1, 2015, and on or before December 31, 2015, Prudential Group Insurance will offer to renew the policy with a one-year rate guarantee for all products.

Beginning with January 1, 2016 renewal dates, Prudential Group Insurance will not renew policies with expiring rate guarantees for policyholders with less than 100 enrolled employees or members.

We anticipate you will be receiving calls from your customers and have developed frequently asked questions (FAQs), which you will find along with this letter. For additional questions, please contact Prudential at 1-844-301-4778 (1-844-301-4PRU).

We sincerely appreciate your business and we thank you for your partnership.


John DeLorenzo

John DeLorenzo 
Senior Vice President, Distribution
Prudential Group Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
Customer Letter

Group Insurance coverages are issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, 751 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102. Contract Series: 83500.

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Guardian is offering Guaranteed Savings on 1/1/15 TDB business**.  This applies to TDB currently with a private carrier or through the state.
-- Company has 16-300 lives
-- TDB is with a private carrier and rate is .60 or less
-- TDB is with the state and employer rate is .60 or less

-- Guardian can guarantee savings, ranging from 10%-40%

Advantages of putting this business with Guardian
-- Savings for client
-- Revenue growth (the state does not pay commissions on TDB)
-- Account Rounding
-- Improved Claims submission, administration, and turnaround time

If a group has TDB coverage with a private carrier, please send renewal or invoice showing rate is .60 or less. If a client has TDB through the State, provide the most recent AC174 form (the state mailed these out at the beginning of August). Note, if a group doesn't have their AC174, we can obtain from the State on their behalf - please complete the Authorization Form (see below).

Please send any opportunities to Brian Bodner or work with your FNA Representative. We will obtain a formal quote, including a cost comparison illustration. 

PDF-icon2SMClick here to download the full pdf AC174 Form

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Are Executive Reimbursment Plans Dead?  These plans are alive and we are not referring to grandfathering rules. Get the facts. Call your FNA Representative today for details.

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UHC Dental - GOOD NEWS! We will offer a second year rate pass on new business dental in the 51-99 space for effective dates of 7-1-14 thru 12-1-14. In addition, for renewals during the same time-frame; customers will receive their needed renewal increase for 2014 and the 2015 renewal will be capped at 6%.

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Principal Financial 2014

Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie with Broker Bonus Bucks

Don’t miss your chance to earn more on cases with 10-49 eligible employees. Through the end of the year, receive $100* each time you sell a new Principal Life Insurance Company case with at least 3 lines of coverage, or renew a case with 2 new additional lines of coverage. And if voluntary term life (VTL) is one of the new coverages, you will receive an extra $100.*

New case  3+ new lines of coverage (includes VTL) $200/client
 New case  3+ new lines of coverage (no VTL) $100/client
 Renewal  2+ new additional lines of coverage (includes VTL)  $200/client
Renewal 2+ new additional lines of coverage (no VTL) $100/client

•    Coverage effective dates: September 1 – December 31, 2014.
•    Qualifying coverages: Fully insured employer-paid and voluntary dental, short-term disability (STD), long-term disability (LTD), group term life, voluntary term life (VTL), vision and voluntary critical illness from Principal Life.

Example 1      

•    Sell a new case with 3 lines of coverage (STD, VTL and critical illness).
•    Earn $200 broker bonus bucks.

Example 2      

•    Renew a case and add 2 new additional lines of coverage (dental and VTL).
•    Earn $200 broker bonus bucks.

Example 3      

•    Sell a new case with 4 lines of coverage (STD, LTD, group term life and vision).
•    Earn $100 broker bonus bucks.

Please call your FNA Representative for more information.

Julie J Malandro, Director of Sales
300 Interpace Parkway | Building C 210
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: 973.404.9382
Cell: 732.757.1219

P.S. Use this program to move toward your 2015 platinum status in our Privileged Partner Program.
*Payment sent end of first quarter 2015.

Final determination of the bonus amount and/or payment rests solely with the Principal Financial Group. The bonus formula may change or terminate at any time without prior notice. Please remember to abide by the company’s policy on disclosure of compensation. You can obtain more information, as well as a sample disclosure form, at www.principal.com.
If you are not appointed with any company of the Principal Financial Group® and do not want to receive any further marketing emails, click here and we'll remove you from our global marketing email list.
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Delta Dental Broker Appointment Portal

Great New! Nw brokers can go online and apply for appointment directly on the Delta Dental portal. Simply create an account by filling in all fields and then select Create Account.  After the account has been created, login to the main page to complete your application. Click here for details.

PDF-icon2SMClick here to download pdf document                               Click here for News Updates Page


United Concordia recently released a streamlined, customizable online tool designed specifically for benefits administrators. The secure account management portal is a one-stop gateway to United Concordia’s enrollment and billing. Visit our Employer’s page at UnitedConcordia.com for additional information.

New Rates just released. Click below

UCCI PPO Rates 8/1/2014 - 12/1/2014

Did you know that as Americans age, the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age in ever growing numbers. Of these 75 million Americans, about 3 million will hit retirement age, every year, for the next 20 years. This presents an increasing challenge as well as a huge opportunity in the Healthcare marketplace.  Let us show you the basics.

We have prepared a quick reference sheet called "Medicare 101" which should answer a lot of questions about the eligibility of your potential Medicare clients.  Randy Frey, a recent addition to FNA stands ready to assist your.  Randy can be reached at 516.348.7160 or by e-mail rfrey@fnainsurance.com.



DENTAL COORDINATION OF BENEFITS - EHB UnitedHealthcare Medical / Non-UnitedHealthcare Dental

Additional information about UnitedHealthcare’s EHB Dental product.

  • Pediatric benefits are embedded in every medical plan  (one exception is RI where each client has a choice)
  • EHB plans share accumulators and out of pocket maximums
  • Subscribers will receive pediatric dental ID Cards
  • Coordination of benefits between your EHB and traditional plan, one claim submission when all dental is with UnitedHealthcare
  • The traditional family dental plan brings added value and automatically coordinates with the pediatric benefits included in the medical plan
How will the two plans coordinate benefits when an employee has pediatric coverage embedded in the medical policy and also has a separate dental plan?
If a pediatric member has both UnitedHealthcare medical and dental plans:
  • This scenario offers the greatest ease in coordination of benefits
  • These members enjoy the convenience of one dental claim submission process and one network and one customer care unit
  • Coordinated adjudication, payment and benefit tracking to ensure they receive the full benefits of both plans
  • Medical coverage will be primary
    • Out-of-pocket costs of dental services will be applied to the medical deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, even if services are reimbursed by the secondary dental plan
If a pediatric member has a UnitedHealthcare medical plan and another carrier’s dental plan or vice versa:
  • Final determination about whether Medical will be primary or secondary will be determined by which policy/carrier the member was enrolled in first
  • The information provided on the claim will begin to help the insurance carriers determine if the pediatric member is covered first by their medical plan or their dental plan
  • If the claim indicates that the member’s only coverage is under the UnitedHealthcare medical or dental plan, then we would process that claim in accordance with the plan benefit

Click below to find an example of both scenarios to further illustrate the above information. If you have any questions please call your FNA Broker Representative.

UnitedHealthcare EHB Dental Product


Help your clients save money on group benefits by telling them about the multiple product discount from Principal Life Insurance Company. With voluntary benefits and flexible product design, offering quality group benefits can be practical and affordable. Find out how to save for your client...MORE


Principal Financial - Enhanced Support and Service
Are you a top producer? Top Producers qualify for Principal Financial Group's Group Benefits Privileged Partner Program and rewarded for outstanding sales results and dedication. Find out MORE

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company
At Cigna, improving the health and well-being of individuals is fundamental to everything they do. That’s why they do more than just offer health improvement programs. Cigna's health improvement team takes the time to get to know your client and its employee population up close – then works with them to find the right elements for a health improvement strategy that targets what works best for them. And their health improvement programs give individuals a variety of ways to discover better health on their own, or work with someone who can give them the extra help they need.

To learn more about Cigna’s one-of-a-kind approach to health improvement, contact your FNA representative.

Standard Security to reduce statutory DBL rates for all groups with less than 50 lives. Providing the New York market with DBL coverage for more than 50 years Rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

Reduced DBL Rates Effective 5/1/2014

NEW YORK, NY   April 8, 2014 -- Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York has been approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services for a rate reduction on its statutory DBL coverage.    Further,  SSLICNY has simplified their statutory rating structure by eliminating separate rates for 1-9 and 10-49 life groups.   The newly approved statutory rates are for all groups, 1-49 lives, for either available billing mode  (annually or quarterly in arrears).
Click below for the new rates: