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Ancillary News Updates


8/2/12 -Guardian Introduces Accident and Cancer Voluntary Products. Introducing Accident and Cancer Voluntary Products. Two new additions to Guardian VoluntaryWorks.SM Change in the health care market is inevitable. Together, we can seize the opportunity with Guardian VoluntaryWorks


8/2/12 - Guardian - Introducing Accident and Cancer Voluntary Products. Two new additions to Guardian VoluntaryWorks.SM Change in the health care market is inevitable. Together, we can seize the opportunity. Guardian VoluntaryWorks.


Understanding Contract Language - Not all disability contracts are created equal. You already know the importance of comparing contracts and explaining their differences to clients. Just one word or
phrase can make a difference when – or if – an employee qualifies as disabled. Find out more about understanding contract language.


7/17/12 - Cigna Dental network/product update for the NY & NJ market for 250+ eligible employees


6/18/12  - Disability coverage is one of the most important, but often overlooked, employee benefits. It protects one of employees’ most valuable assets — the ability to continue to earn an income if they become too sick or injured to work. At Principal Life Insurance Company, we believe all employees should have some level of disability coverage. For that reason, we offer Basic Short-Term Disability (STD)
coverage in addition to our standard STD product.

Available as employer-paid or voluntary, Basic STD is easy to understand, affordable and can provide Basic STD is NOT meant to replace standard short-term disability product.  It is meant to offer clients who
don’t currently include disability in their benefit package the opportunity to do so at an affordable price with an easy-to-understand product.

Product specifics:

  • Only date of birth and gender are needed to quote
  • No salary or occupations are required
  • Great for cross sales at renewal
  • Available in employer-paid or voluntary options
  • Multiple Product Discount (MPD) qualifier - both employer-paid and voluntary
  • MPD discountable - only employer-paid, not voluntary
  • Can provide meaningful income replacement
  • Cannot be sold with Principal Life new or existing LTD or STD
  • Cannot be sold in CA, HI, NJ, RI

3rd quarter rate sheets are available for OBM

•    Groups enrolling in Contributory plans must have at least 75% of active eligible employees enrolled, excluding those waived with spousal coverage. This is not to fall below 50% of all eligible employees.
•    Groups enrolling in Voluntary plans must have at least 2 people enrolling to be eligible for coverage.
•    The employer must contribute at least 50% towards the employee’s premium for Contributory plans and no more than 49% for the Voluntary plan.
•    For orthodontia, an employer group must have a minimum of 10 enrolling employees. Orthodontia benefits are for dependent children only up to the age of 26.
•    Effective dates of coverage can only be the first of the month.

To enroll a new group into an OBM plan, the following items must be submitted:

1.    A completed OBM Group Enrollment Checklist – attached.
2.    A Member Enrollment Form must be completed for each active eligible enrolling employee – attached.
3.    A binder check equal to one month's premium made payable to Oxford Benefit Management.
4.    A rate sheet based on final enrollment census information and current effective date.
5.    A Wage and Tax Statement. Examples of Required Tax Documentation.
6.    A recent copy of the group's current dental insurance carrier's Summary of Benefits, as well as the prior carrier's bill (only needed if the group had prior dental coverage through another carrier).


4-27-12  - Principal Financial Group Life and LTD with a Bonus - For new Life and Long-Term Disability (LTD) cases with third quarter effective dates, your clients can receive up to three bonus options from Principal Life Insurance Company. And don’t forget to ask about our VTL combo discount program where basic life, short-term and long-term disability can receive discounts when VTL is quoted with them.


Empire small Group Life Rates

3/14/12 - The most recent updated and corrected Principal Comdex composite is now available

3/9/12  Prudential LTC Discontinues Individual LTC Sales - After a thorough analysis of their long-term care insurance business, Prudential has made the difficult decision to discontinue sales of individual long-term care insurance products, including LTC3, LTC Evolution, and  multi-life programs (ESP and Affiliation).  They will continue to market group products, Solid Solutions and LTC123.  The decision reflects the challenging economics of the individual market and Prudential’s desire to focus our resources and capital on the group market, where they see the greatest opportunity. They will stay in the group long-term care insurance business.


3/5/12 - Great News!  Group Medical Bridge is now available in New York!  Finally a low cost solution to help off-set the rising cost of medical exposure on today's high deductible health plans.  These affordable hospital confinement indemnity plans pay benefits directly to the insured regardless of what any other insurance pays.  Please take a few minutes to review this important information and 
"GET IN THE KNOW".  Benefits rates and marketing materials are available on the website.

Special offering for the existing Rayant business.  With attractive pricing and the plan design competitive with the market offerings.  In addition, they expect to have for you soon a buy up option for a $1,500 as well as for their Preventative Max Multiplier or FlexAppeal option.

2/17/12 - Unum has sent a notification stating that as of February 7, 2012, they have decided to end sales of new group long term care contracts.  They will continue to provide quality service to current policy holders and claimants and will honor all cases that have been sold and were in the enrollment process. Please review the letter and the Q & A.


Rayant has been acquired by WellPoint, Inc. Please read the sample letter that will be going to members.

12/21/11 - Reliance has announced that Delphi Financial Group (Delphi) has entered into a merger agreement with Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. (Tokio Marine), a leading Tokyo-based global insurer. Tokio Marine will acquire Delphi and its subsidiaries, including Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, First Reliance Standard, Matrix Absence Management and Safety National Casualty Corp.


10/19/11 - Announcing: Enriched Disability Benefit On January 1, 2012, Zurich will offer a new Enriched Disability Benefit for manually rated groups under 50 lives in the downstate New York region.


10/18/11 - UnitedHealthcare's 4th Quarter vision rates for Zone 1 - New York and Zone 4 - New Jersey are available.


10/14/11 - Delta Dental 2012 Small Business Program Rates  Please take notice of how the new plans are labeled.  “3” is the employer paid PPO, “4” is the employer paid PPO plus Premier, “5” is the voluntary PPO and “6” is the voluntary PPO plus Premier. PLEASE NOTE that there has been a change to Voluntary Plans for NY ONLY! As a result of NY legislation, carriers must offer a minimum participation plan on a voluntary platform…Delta’s represents 50% or 5 enrolled – whichever is fewer.

9/14/11 - Happier Clients. More Compensation for You. Don't Underestimate The Power of a Strong Benefit Education ProgramPrincipal Effective benefit education can mean happier clients,
more satisfied employees, higher employee participation and more money for you. Principal Life Insurance Company can help with:

Guardian Releases Rates that Include Implants
9/1/11 -Guardian Dental releases new rate sheets for the second half of 2011.  Note that ALL PPO and Choice rate sheets include coverage for IMPLANTS


8/11/11 - Principal Lowers the Number of Employees needed for Dental – Please be sure to review the Communication from Principal which also covers the Child orthodontia benefit rider, Maximum Accumulation Plan and, Voluntary Standalone Dental. Also included are details about Double Down a special, limited-time promotion available through September for new sales with 5-100 eligible lives1. For dental sold with one or more qualifying coverage, clients get a two-year rate guarantee on group  dental, disability, life and vision2. Get the list of qualifying coverages. Voluntary standalone dental is now available to groups with 5 or more enrolled employees with no prior voluntary experience. Let clients know with this flier.


8/8/11 - Through DI@WORKTM, you can offer employees a unique benefit that helps protect their retirement plan contributions in the event of a total disability.1 If they become totally disabled, this program will pay up to 100% of the amount they’re currently contributing to their retirement plan — including any employer match — to an irrevocable trust. While totally disabled, employees can decide how they want their trust assets invested.* When the employee reaches age 65, the trust distributes all accumulated assets to the insured. DI@WORK provides you with a distinctively different — and valuable — benefit offering.


8/8/11 - DI@WORK, Guardian's Individual Disability Program is one of the most important benefits you can offer , because it helps employees protect their lifestyle and financial future by protecting their ability to earn an income. Attract, retain and protect your employees. In addition there are plans that offer protection for Retirement Plan Contributions. The benefits package that your client offers to their employees is key to attracting and retaining the employees who make their business successful. 


8/3/11 - Principal Life - Your Larger Clients Deserve More. Larger clients are faced with unique challenges and expect to be treated differently. At Principal Life Insurance Company, your clients with 1,000+
employees can benefit from their 61 years of experience in providing customized benefit solutions specifically for larger employers. The Principal Life National Accounts division has dedicated service teams for sales, underwriting, claims and account services. Clients can choose from several flexible provisions to tailor each insurance product (dental, disability, life and vision) to meet their needs, resulting in a
competitive benefits package.