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Term insurance provides protection for a specified period of time. This period could be as short as one year or provide coverage for a specific number of years such as 5, 10, 20 or 30 years or to a specified age such as 80 or in some cases up to the oldest age in the life insurance mortality tables. Policies are sold with various premium guarantees. The longer the guarantee, the higher the initial premium. If your client dies during the term period, the company will pay the face amount of the policy to the beneficiary. If your client lives beyond the term period selected and have not converted it, no benefit is payable. As a rule, term policies offer a death benefit with no savings element or cash value. There are several options to choose from. Allow us to guide you to the right policy and plan.

For those that want their coverage and premiums back if they out live the term length there is Return of Premium term. Usually in 20 or 30 year lengths. If the client lives past the term length, they get all their premium paid back, tax free. So the actual cost of these plans is the loss of use of the premiums or the interest they would have earned on the premiums had they been invested instead.

No matter how careful your client is, or how much you think ahead, life is often unpredictable. That’s what life insurance is all about, planning for what you can’t predict. FNA is in the business to help American families secure their financial futures. Look to us for affordable life insurance that provides financial protection for your clients. By working with FNA, we offer an easy application process.


For additional options or if you wish to request a term life quote directly , please contact Stephen Quirk for forms, product information, term life quotes or basic product quotes.

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