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By offering our Broker Partners additional "Value Added" products to enhance their client proposal, your client can realize savings and discounts that will help enhance your proposal. These are in addition to the traditional Health Insurance and Ancillary plans that we offer at FNA.

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AmeriDoc is an affordable solution to the challenge of healthcare access. They will provide you and your family with round-the-clock access to U.S.-based, licensed physicians for telephone consultations. Regardless of your location, you can connect with a doctor in real-time for treatment or diagnosis of common conditions.


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BenXchange - Experts in PEO Analysis, HR Solutions, Payroll and 401K.  An unbiased resource with over 100 carrier relationships.



BenefitUP will help employees uncover the hidden benefits tucked inside their current health plans.


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Benistar is a comprehensive retiree administrative service including enrollmemnt, reporting and complliance.


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fei Behavorial Health -Employee Assistance with counseling,24 hour access to speak to a counselor and referral for 3 to 5 visits with a EAP professional, work-life consultation, legal services and more.



Healthcare Advocates - claims auditing and adjudication with the ultimate goal of lowering medical bills



HR360 - A total source for HR forms, on-line tools, HR Library, reform materials and web-links and an full HR Library.  Registration is required. Please contact your FNA Representative directly or contact AndrĂ©a at 516.348.7149 to gain access to the site.

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A unique network of dedicated law firms available to your clients.  When you offer legal services, you make a difference in the lives ofyour clients.  Included support and sales tools.  A LegalShield plan gives employees toll-free direct access to a carefully selected Provider Law Firm.

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O.C.A. Benefit Services wants to partner with brokers, employers, employees and their families to deliver quality, cost effective, and sustainable health care. Services Include HRA Administration, COBRA Administration, FSA Administration, ERISA Compliance, HSA Administration, Parking & Transit and Wellness Administration.

What is Claims Express


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PixiCast is a specialist in insurance broker websites. PixiCast can create a professional customized website for you at a special discounted rate through FNA

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PrimePay provides payroll processing, HR Management services, insurance benefit services and COBRA



TASC - ERISA and Regulatory compliance for your clients.  An ERISA compliance management product that provides instructions regarding required record keeping, disclosure guidelines as well as form preparation and plan summary descriptions.



Transparent Healthcare - a negotiated discount healthcare offering discounts of 20-80% for Transparent Healthcar Members at over 6,500 provider locations in Metro NY and NJ

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WellWorks - Services include private labeled employer branded wellness portal with customization capabilities, health risk assessment , vitals tracker and biometrics.